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DRDC boasts a “homegrown” thematic and literature based curriculum for all of our classes, 18 months-5 years old.  Each week of the year has it’s own theme, covering everything from Down on the Farm, to Safety Helpers, to Dinosaurs!  Our staff and curriculum coordinator work together to create a rich experience each week for your child. Quality literature is linked to each theme, and it is read and re-read during the week.  From that literature they create art projects, music, hands on cooking and science, dramatic play experiences, gross motor activities, and much more each week.

You’ll receive a calendar at the beginning of each month that communicates what the themes are, the science and cooking projects, and special activities for each week.  If we have upcoming parties, special events, or field trips into the community (for our VPK students only), you’ll read it here first!

Our curriculum incorporates beginning Spanish, American Sign Language, and special library and music times.  Children rotate through our classrooms each day, staying with the same teacher and classmates, allowing us to make our classroom spaces very purposeful.  The children stay actively engaged when they are on a rotating schedule as opposed to a self-contained classroom.  For children who are potty training or still in diapers, potty time and diaper changes are built into the daily routine.  We do NOT expect that children will be fully potty trained or toilet independent and will be glad to help your family reach that big milestone… it takes a village!


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