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Top Benefits of VPK for Your 4-Year-Old

Top Benefits of VPK for your 4-Year-OldIf you’re debating whether or not to enroll your child in a VPK program, you may want to examine the benefits of preschool education. You’re probably wondering why preschool is so important and why you can’t just wait until kindergarten to start your child’s education. 

For some parents, preschool may seem like a daycare where their children play and spend time out of the house. However, studies continue to show that preschool has a lasting impact on children that stays with them through their continuing education and for the rest of their lives. 

Top Benefits of VPK for Your 4-Year-Old

Preschool gives children a solid academic foundation that prepares them for kindergarten. Preschool teacher Deanna Raynor says: “In order for the children to really do well in school, in society, at home as a whole,… [they] need to be rooted and grounded socially and emotionally.” In preschool, children learn important social and emotional skills, such as:

  • Getting along with others and resolving conflicts
  • Listening and following instructions
  • Effectively communicating thoughts 
  • Making appropriate decisions
  • Building self-esteem
  • As well as motor skills, math, science, and language skills

Preschool Shapes Childhood Development

The most important brain development occurs before the age of five. Children’s experiences during this time and the quality of their education will shape how they perform in school in the future. Here are a few facts about the impact preschool has on children’s development and their future:

  • Eighty-eight percent of children who are poor readers in first grade will still be poor readers by fourth grade. Seventy-four percent of children who are poor readers in third grade remain, poor readers when they start high school. (source)
  • Preschool reduces the number of children placed into special education classrooms in the third grade by 39%. (source)
  • Studies across four decades of early education research found that by third grade, one-third of the achievement gap can be closed by early education. (source)
  • Children who attended pre-K usually have a higher grade point average and are more likely to graduate high school and college. (source)
  • Every $1 invested in preschool saves taxpayers up to $13 in future costs in incarceration, education, tax collections increases, and welfare. (source)
  • Dual-language learners and children from low-income families have shown relatively large benefits from preschool education. (source)

Choose a High-Quality VPK Curriculum

Choosing a high-quality VPK program is essential to ensure that your child is getting the most out of their preschool experience. Parents should look for programs with a diversified curriculum. It’s also important to look for a program with qualified teachers. A good teacher will encourage children to be creative and get involved in lessons. They will make sure that your child is progressing at the same level as their classmates. 

For information on important questions to ask preschool directors, check out this article

Investing in preschool education means investing in your child’s future. Here at Dairy Road Discovery Center, we value the trust that parents have in us. We aim to make sure that every child who walks through our door is excited to be here. Learning by doing is our philosophy. Every child has a chance to become involved in the learning process and discover the world around them. They will leave Dairy Road fully prepared for kindergarten. For more information on our VPK program, contact us today

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