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Is Your VPK Curriculum Florida Department of Education Approved?

Is Your VPK Curriculum FLDoe ApprovedIf you are planning on enrolling your child in a VPKprogram this school year, you may be overwhelmed by the choices of programs and varying curriculums. Here at Dairy Road Discovery Center, we know you want the best for your child. Our curriculum is approved by the Florida Department of Education, and it will prepare your child for kindergarten

Florida Department of Education VPK Curriculum

According to the Florida Office of Early Learning as part of the Department of Education, VPK providers may design their own curriculum, as long as the program fulfills certain goals and meets specified kindergarten readiness rates. A certain percentage of children that complete the program must be prepared to enter kindergarten. 

To encourage children to be well rounded and ready for kindergarten, a VPK curriculum should encompass these eight learning goals

  • utilize various approaches to learning
  • physical development
  • social and emotional development
  • mathematical thinking
  • scientific inquiry
  • social studies
  • creative expression through the arts
  • emphasis on language and literacy

A curriculum that includes physical development will help children develop their motor skills through coloring, writing their names, using scissors, jumping, and playing with balls. Your VPK choice should offer varying approaches to learning, such as learning through reading, listening, seeing, and discussing. By teaching children manners and sharing, they develop socially and emotionally. Children begin to think mathematically by making patterns, counting, and sorting objects into categories. Your child should also be introduced to science by naming animals and experimenting with seeds and plants. They build a foundation in social studies by observing the workings of the world around them during playtime, while making friends, and through field trips in the community. Children express themselves through the arts by doing arts and crafts projects. These basic learning goals and activities are critical to your child’s development and ensure that your VPK program meets the Florida Department of Education standards. 

VPK Curriculum Emphasis on Language and Literacy

One of the most important factors in a VPK curriculum is its emphasis on language and literacy. Reading and writing skills are essential for your child to be ready for more advanced learning in kindergarten. A literature-based curriculum entails reading and discussing books that relate to the curriculum. This allows children to build vocabulary, develop empathy, and understand more complex sentences while learning. Literature-based curriculums give them a head start by helping lengthen their attention spans, understand words in context, and learn about new people and places. 

Dairy Road Discovery Center VPK in Melbourne, FL

At Dairy Road Discovery Center, we understand the importance of a rich curriculum and aim to give children a head start through learning. Our curriculum strongly emphasizes literature and a “learning by doing” philosophy, which includes reading several times a day. This hands-on approach to literacy prepares our students for kindergarten and beyond. Contact us to set up a virtual tour and learn more today.


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