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Debunking Preschool and VPK Myths

Debunking Preschool and VPK MythsThere are many reasons why parents hesitate to register children for pre-school and voluntary pre-kindergarten programs. While some concerns should be explored further to make sure they are valid, many concerns come from inaccurate information. Today, we are going to highlight three myths we commonly hear and spend some time debunking them.

Debunking Preschool and VPK Myths

Myth: Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten is Expensive

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) is a program in the state of Florida available to all four-year-old children. To qualify, children must live in Florida and be four years old on or before September 1st of the current year. Florida understands how important early education is for a child’s development which is why VPK is free.  

To take advantage of VPK you will go through a certification process, then you will have the opportunity to choose between public and private school options.

Myth: Early Learning is Not Effective

Our children learn a massive amount of information before they turn five. The phrase “kids are sponges” is absolutely true!  Consider this quote from Parents.com. “New advances in neural development show that children’s brains grow and develop 85 percent of their full capacity by the time they are 5 years old. In those first few years of life the very architecture of the brain is determined by the child’s environment.” (source)

Many skills learned in preschool and VPK are the building blocks needed to succeed educationally in future years. Children learn to take turns, wait in lines, and share toys. They also start to get used to obeying adults other than their parents. Kids experience the beginnings of social interactions such as making friends in preschool and VPK.

A study from the Florida Department of Education revealed, 29 percent more of the children who attend VPK are prepared for kindergarten than those who do not.  

Myth: All Preschools are the Same

At Dairy Road Discovery we embrace a “learning by doing” philosophy. We have a thorough program that lays the foundation for lifelong learning which includes focused activities designed to help develop fine-motor skills and reading readiness.

Our preschool curriculum also includes:

  •         Sign language
  •         Spanish
  •         Music
  •         Library

Our VPK kids have a lot of “learning through doing” opportunities as well. We keep them busy all day including taking field trips to the community two times a month. We visit local businesses and provide children behind the scenes looks at different jobs.

Our VPK year also focuses on:

  •         Gross motor skills
  •         Pre-Math and Counting
  •         Social Skills and Independence
  •         Letter Recognition

Every child has a different learning style; it’s important to make sure you find a program where your child will thrive. Preschool and VPK are fun years for your children to learn and explore with some independence, while in a safe and nurturing environment.

Registration for the fall has started at Dairy Road Discovery Center! Contact us or give us a call to schedule a tour. If you have any questions we haven’t addressed let us know, we’re happy to answer anything we can. And don’t forget to like our Facebook Page to check out some of our recent activities.


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