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VPK Develops Kindergarten Readiness Skills

kindergarten readiness

Many parents wonder about their child’s development. From first words, teeth, and steps, parents constantly research milestones and ask, “Are they on track?” This continues into preschool as you observe children who speak well, recognize their numbers, or begin to read. A common question for preschool teachers is, “How do I know if my 5-year-old is ready for kindergarten?”

Rest assured, development rates vary among children, and what you observe in other children may not be appropriate for yours. Although there are milestones, every child develops at their own pace. Luckily, a program focuses specifically on developing these crucial kindergarten readiness skills, like Flordia VPK.

What is Kindergarten Readiness?

As a parent, maybe you’ve heard about kindergarten readiness and wondered what it is and how to get your child ready for the transition to kindergarten.

Kindergarten Readiness refers to the skills, knowledge, and behaviors a child should possess or develop before entering kindergarten. It isn’t limited to academic skills; it encompasses various areas of development, including cognitive, language, emotional, physical, and social skills.

Working toward goals in these areas prepares children for kindergarten by meeting the academic and social demands and helps them make a smooth transition from home or preschool to a formal educational setting.

Some key aspects of Kindergarten Readiness include:

  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills

  • The ability to follow instructions

  • Social and emotional readiness

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Communication and language skills

  • Interaction and cooperation with peers and teachers

Kindergarten teachers assess readiness through various screening tools and assessments, and parents and educators play a crucial role in supporting and promoting a child’s readiness for kindergarten.

Florida VPK Develops Kindergarten Readiness Skills

The early years of a child’s life are crucial for their development. During this time, they acquire essential cognitive, social, and emotional skills to serve as a foundation for their future education. Because early childhood education is crucial, Florida provides the Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) program to give children the tools they need to succeed in kindergarten.

The brain’s most important growth and development happens by the age of five, so it is essential to provide young children with educational opportunities beginning at an early age. VPK offers an excellent opportunity for preschool-aged children to start their educational journey. Its play-based approach to learning fosters the development of verbal, cognitive, problem-solving, and physical abilities necessary for kindergarten entry success.

With all these benefits that VPK offers parents and children alike, it is easy to understand why participation in this program helps set young students up for future educational success. Contact Dairy Road Discovery to learn more about our VPK programs.


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