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What to Expect From Your Child’s Pre-Kindergarten Year

What to Expect From Your Child's Pre-Kindergarten YearAs parents, we all want to make sure our children have the most advantageous learning opportunities for a successful and healthy journey well into adulthood. By setting a firm educational foundation for your child in pre-kindergarten, you can ensure a love of learning that lasts well into adulthood and beyond.

What to Expect From Your Child’s Pre-Kindergarten Year

Basic Shapes and Colors

As your child explores and develops their pre-math skills, basic shapes will be integrated into the pre-kindergarten year. Learning the basic shapes at the beginning of education helps to set the stage for geometry in later learning. Exploring colors and learning to identify and name basic hues will help your child develop and fine tune their language and creativity.

Letters and Numbers

During pre-kindergarten, your child will learn essential pre-reading and pre-math skills. Learning that letters and numbers correspond with sounds and objects helps encourage pre-reading skills. Early readers have been found to be stronger in math skills as well.

Pre-Math and Counting

Setting the foundations of math early in your child’s educational experiences is essential to learning growth. During the pre-kindergarten year, your child will learn how to count up to ten or twenty and begin understanding how numbers and objects correspond with each other.

Social Skills and Independence

For most children, pre-kindergarten is oftentimes the first experience being away from parents for a significant amount of time. Building social skills, independence, and confidence through cooperative play and interactions with teachers is a huge benefit of Pre-K.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine tuning of pincer and finger strength during early learning years are imperative to your child’s growth. Development of fine motor skills during the pre-kindergarten year is often encouraged through arts and crafts, as well as sensory play.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are developed through activities and play involving running, crawling, and dancing. With the use of active play, both indoors and out, your child will be able to practice and fine tune their gross motor skills, including coordination.

Dairy Road Discovery Center

At Dairy Road Discovery Center, our entire team understands the importance of kindergarten preparedness and takes great pride in our role of providing a developmentally appropriate environment and educational activities that nurture and encourage learning and growth. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our Pre-K program and to schedule your tour today.


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