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Preschool Easter Craft Activities

Easter is just around the corner! We’ve collected a variety of fun preschool Easter crafts for you to consider doing with your child. Some will be easier than others, but the goal is always the same. We want to have some family fun and enjoy the holiday with our little ones. These Easter crafts use some materials you likely have laying around the house. Click on each image to go to the instructions on Pinterest.

Check out these adorable preschool Easter craft ideas.

Handprint Lambs and Chicks

This preschool Easter craft is a fantastic project that kids will absolutely love! After all, what kid doesn’t love turning their handprint into something so adorable! 

preschool Easter craft hand print lambs

preschool Easter craft hand print chicks

Paper Plate Baby Chick and Bunny 

This is such a cute project that can be used for a class party to fill with Easter candy or to collect the Easter Bunny’s sweet treats. This can also be used to make baby bunnies and baby sheep too! Chances are, you already have these simple supplies around the house. Bring on the Easter fun!

preschool Easter craft paper plate bunny

preschool Easter craft paper plate chick

Funny Bunnies

Let’s face it: Kids love silliness and funny faces. With a few super simple craft materials that you probably already have, you can have a fun-filled afternoon full of funny bunnies and silly faces! You can even make an entire bunny family!

preschool Easter craft paper tube bunnies

preschool Easter craft paper bunnies

preschool Easter craft bunnies pipe cleaner wiskers

Flower Power

With Spring well under way, what better way to find some fun than with flowers? This preschool easter craft makes a great gift for grandparents, friends, and family. You can even brighten up the room with a variety of bouquets. 

preschool Easter craft paper flower

Bunny Bags

Get ready for the egg hunt with these adorable bunny bags. What better way to scoop the loot with a ready-made (and fantastically fun) homemade Easter basket!

preschool Easter craft paper bag bunnies

Fork Over the Fun

Who knew a fork could be so much fun?! This super fun preschool easter craft brings your toddler’s imagination to the forefront with this project that only needs a little paint, orange construction paper, black marker (or googly eyes), and a fork!

preschool Easter craft fork chick

Treats for the Easter Bunny

We can’t let the Easter bunny go hungry, can we? Feed your toddler’s imagination with a sweet carrot treat for the Easter Bunny! This is a great project for little hands just learning.

preschool Easter craft carrot

Thumbs Up

What a great way to get messy, and have some fun! Create a story and turn your toddler’s prints into fun characters! With a few lines and squiggles, you can make cuddly bunnies and fluffy chicks with finger and thumb prints. This preschool easter craft gets a thumbs up!

preschool Easter craft finger print animals

Hopefully, we’ve given you a few ideas to be creative with your children as you celebrate Easter. There is nothing more special than celebrating the holidays with your little ones. We hope these crafts will help you create memories without stress. Happy Easter!


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