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We take pride in providing developmentally appropriate environments and activities for all of our children, and along with the socialization that preschool provides to young children, we do not underestimate the importance of kindergarten preparedness for our “graduates.” Our Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program for 4-year-olds is top-notch.  We send children from our preschool to both public and private school settings and find them successful in both arenas.  Our VPK staff is well qualified and experienced in purposeful planning for the numerous standards that the State of Florida mandates for pre-kindergarteners.  For more information on the state standards for VPK, please visit this link.

Our VPK program also has the unique opportunity to take field trips into the community twice a month.  We visit so many fun and exciting places throughout the year:  the post office, performing arts center, public library, animal hospital, restaurant, dentist office, home improvement store, supermarket, just to name a few.  We find that children are so engaged and interested in learning about the “behind the scenes” workings of the places they visit with their parents.  We’ve developed great relationships with businesses in the community and appreciate their willingness to invite us into their workplace and teach so much more than we can in the classroom alone.

In addition to regular observation and feedback to parents informally, each VPK student receives 3 formal assessments throughout the year, once in the beginning, once midterm, and once at the end of the year.  Parents receive written reports once their child’s results are entered into the statewide VPK assessment database.  We invite parents to arrange conferences if they would like to discuss specific areas in which they can help their child’s progress.  All VPK children who enroll in public schools in Brevard County for kindergarten will be administered an assessment at the beginning of their kindergarten year to determine whether they are considered “kindergarten ready.”



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