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How Dairy Road Meets Florida VPK Standards

How Dairy Road Meets Florida VPK StandardsFlorida’s Department of Education has recently found that only 58% of Florida VPK providers properly prepare children for kindergarten. In response, the Education Commissioner has released an updated set of standards that VPK providers must meet.

Florida’s Voluntary Pre-K Standards

According to Florida’s Office of Early Learning, 4-year-olds moving from VPK to kindergarten must demonstrate age-appropriate skills in 8 areas, including physical development, approaches to learning, social and emotional development, language and literacy, mathematical thinking, and scientific inquiry. VPK students must show the ability to do certain tasks, including: 

  • Name some letters and their sounds
  • Demonstrate comprehension of books read aloud by retelling stories
  • Use drawings to represent thoughts and ideas
  • Count sets of numbers from 1 to 5 and higher
  • Notice and duplicate patterns
  • Understand basic animal life cycles
  • Know the basic needs of living things (food, water, light)
  • Engage in group musical activities

Dairy Road is proud to offer a quality VPK program that helps four-year-olds reach these milestones. We prepare children for kindergarten by working with them to improve their language, emotional, cognitive, and motor skills. In addition, our instructors regularly provide feedback to parents about their child’s progress. Students also complete three assessments to ensure they are keeping up and showing growth. 

Going Beyond Florida VPK Requirements

At Dairy Road, we don’t think it’s enough just to meet the school readiness guidelines set by the State of Florida. We go above and beyond Florida’s VPK standards by providing a literature-based curriculum that uses books to broaden their knowledge and build their vocabulary. Through discussion and response activities, children are encouraged to share their thoughts and listen to the opinions of others.

Our philosophy of “learning by doing” sets us apart from other VPK programs. Our students prepare for kindergarten by actively participating in activities that develop their cognitive and motor skills and imagination. For example, when allowed, we take field trips into the community twice a month to places like the post office, performing arts center, public library, animal hospital, and home improvement store. Contact us to learn more about how we’re striving to meet VPK standards every day.

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