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How Preschool Improves Social Skills

Preschool Improves Social SkillsYour preschool-aged child is making great strides in his fine motor skills, language skills, and social skills. As he enters preschool, your child will be encouraged to learn and grow in these areas even more. Preschool will build her social skills through play, interaction, and group activities

How Does Preschool Improve Social Skills?

The classroom setting is the perfect environment for children to learn to understand social cues, learn manners, cope with emotions, show empathy, and make friends. By consistently playing and having positive interactions with students and teachers, your child will strengthen the communication skills they will need for elementary school and beyond. Preschool reinforces the foundation for resolving conflicts in healthy ways and having empathy for others. 

Preschool Socialization Lessons

Preschool teachers understand children’s needs and will guide your child through this unfamiliar social setting. Teachers instruct children on how to use their words effectively in asking for help or voicing a complaint. They ensure that students share and understand how to offer their help to others. When playing games, children have the opportunity to cheer for their friends.

Teachers may play games with students to teach them different emotions, read books, and play act with dolls. When playing games, children learn to read facial expressions and body language.

Students will also learn social skills like listening and paying attention when they carefully listen to instructions when doing crafts and activities and learning the words to songs.

How to Continue Learning at Home

There are many fun activities you and your child can do to continue learning these crucial skills at home. 

  • Ask your child how his day was and what he learned. Giving your child the opportunity to describe his day will teach him to share his joys and frustrations with you.
  • Having a staring contest can help your toddler feel more comfortable with eye contact – something your shy child might avoid.
  • Play games like “Simon Says” that teach mimicry and listening.
  • Sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” This interactive song is a favorite with children and it teaches them to express their feelings in a positive way.

A Friendly Environment for Learning Social Skills

Preschools include social skills in their curriculum because ages 3 to 5 are a critical time for children to learn empathy, listening, sharing, and how to express their feelings. It’s during this tender age that children respond to the socialization cues that will prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond.

Dairy Road Discovery Center in Melbourne, FL is pleased to provide preschoolers with a fun environment to further develop social skills. Contact us to learn more about our VPK and preschool programs today!


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